2018-India Missions Trip to Bangalore via Paris, France

New air carrier and new flight route: Bangalore via Paris, France-Delta/Air France

Jesse and me at Logan airport in Boston

All checked in and time for an early supper

Our Delta flight-soon to be boarding for Paris

Over the Alps-now on Air France

Highest part of the Alps

This view is why I like the window seat

Now over southwestern Austria/northeastern Italy

A very nice flat awaits our arrival after more than 21 hours of flying

Our hosts Sharad and Prema-The couple Jesse's grandfather "knew" for more than 40 years but never met face-to-face

Hanging out with more of the family

And more of the family

Jesse is ready for the rough country and we'll soon be in it

Sharad, Jesse, and me at the family dedication of the new multi-purpose hall, still under construction

Large enough for many activities-there will be a poured cement floor

A very violent thunderstorm passed just as we arrived at the building site

Catching up on the local Bangalore news; it is wise when overseas to know what is going on when you're 8,000 miles from home

This patio is my quiet place-very peaceful out here

Very tasty treats just across the road

A day-trip to the world-famous Mysore Palace-about a 3-hour drive south

Just had to get a selfie with Rajesh in front of that palace

Two foreigners in an extremely opulent environment

Almost speechless-that's a miracle!

Colossal Columns

Hard to describe what it's like to be here in this place, but here's a glimpse

A magnificant painted ceiling throughout the palace

Greatly detailed sculpture

I'd like this in my next house

Mysore Temple-Many gods and goddesses

Night-time beauty

On the way to the distant and remote Gypsy Camp

After just leaving the palace, this is the real India; it's why I come

Many of the children want prayer

A young mom with sick child

A sick widow

The Bangalore Holy Rollers

My friend who loves very spicy chicken-he's not alone

It's all good but hard to choose

Our last night with the family; traditional night out-this year-Moroccan restaurant

Just leaving Paris for Boston