1998-Missions Trip to Nairobi, Kenya Africa- via London-Rick Blaisdell, Jeremiah Karanja

Nairobi, Kenya via London

Time between flights for a bit of sight-seeing-Big Ben at 3:30pm

Westminster Abby where Princess Diana's funeral was held

Trafalgar Square Fountain

Double-decker-What a fun ride "upstairs"

Many helpers at Nairobi Airport

The Grandma who adopted me

Outside my bedroom window

So happy to be with my Brother in his homeland of beautiful Kenya

The finest coffee and tea in all of Kenya

Local market

Church where the deaf woman received her healing

Praise Jesus

Acres of tea plants and coffee trees and I stayed in the white house on the hilltop

A closer look at the coffee trees-the beans are green but will turn red when harvest time comes

On our way to the next church meeting

No strollers here

New seating construction. 15 minutes before service begins.

Passionate worship

The donkey takes the spotlight

Waiting to speak

Cold, damp morning service-there is no heat, no electricity, and no glass for the windows; perfectly normal

My precious host family who kept me so well

Sadly, it's time to leave this beautiful place and beautiful people

Four more hours before all-night flight to London