2008-Missions Trip to Dipolog Mindanao Philippines via Los Angeles, Guam, Manila-Dr. Simon Solano, Bill & Gheng Farace, Tom Dobrosky, Rick Blaisdell

Philippines Flight Route

Waiting in Manila for our connecting flight south to Dipolog City

Arrival at the Dipilog Airport

Our welcome inside the airport

Village of Liloy

Lunch with the Mayor of Liloy

Dedication of the new Christian dental clinic

Exam and tooth extraction

Other kids waiting their turn

Sharing my testimony with Youth Outreach

Guest speaker at local church youth group

Bill, Dr. Solano, and Gheng's brother

A tender heart for a young child

Sharing Christ with the spiritually hungry

Giving bread for hungry bellies

Gueste speaker at Naval ROTC Graduation

ROTC Graduation Honor Guard

ROTC Graduation-Cadets

Rick, Dr. Solano, Gheng, Bill-the Sulu Sea behind us

Flashy hotwheels

Very peaceful

Small forest village

To the summit for new church dedication

Mountain bikes take us to the top

Arrival at the church site

New church construction

Front view

Handmade dedication plaque and cross carried from the U.S. in our luggage

View coming back down from the mountaintop

Wheels up-The long journey home begins