1992, 1994, 1996-Missions Trips to Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Austria-Dave Wells, Fred Ecker, Rick Blaisdell, Karl Eiriksson

Boston (Logan Airport) nonstop to Vienna Austria

Map of travel. Every red underline is a city or village and date we ministered in

Karl with Fritz (Our Slovakia & Vienna organizer)

Cultural Center in Prague-New Age Seminar

BOZI MOC- Words mean: "Experience the Power of God"

Town of As-near the German border

The Tram-we did use it sometimes. Electric and very smooth ride

Metro (subway) station escalator where we handed out tracts

Prague metro station

Mustek Station-we used this station often

Our meeting translator who got saved in the parking lot after the meeting

Evangelism meeting in a crowded old, musty Czech movie theater

Response to altar call for salvation after Karl shared his testimony

Full Gospel Businessmens' Fellowship Meeting in Vienna, Austria-May 6, 1992

My International Driver's Permit-needed for the 1994 Missions Trip

Our two well-used road/highway maps

Vienna Christian Center-A joy to attend the English-speaking service and be refreshed

Full Gospel Businessmens' Meeting

Prague-world-famous Charles Bridge where we handed out tracts to the "night) people-craftsmen, artists, musicians

A great sign to see in a former Communist country

A classy old Coca Cola truck

Prague Airport-1996

A full schedule of ministry-and this is only a small portion of page 1

Kolin-Prayer at local church meeting

Kraslice-Smilin' Dave with our translators

Klagenfurt, Austria-100 miles south of Vienna-Fritz's electric train engine-fresh dumping of snow

Bigger toys for bigger boys

Friesach, Austria-Fritz's hometown

All ministry fulfilled and now waiting for our train from Friesach to Vienna

North to Vienna

A glimpse of the lower Alps out the train window-the last time we would be travelling together