1991-Missions Trip to Germany, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Austria-Dave Wells, Fred Ecker, Jim McCoy, Rick Blaisdell

Our Ministry Travel Map

Dachau Holocost Museum in Munich, Germany

Yes, it really happened.

After the poisonous gas showers, the bodies of men, women, and children were burned in this crematorium.

Regen, Germany-Our beautiful, cozy cabin for the first two days

Regen, Germany-Rick and Dave W. exploring the town

Regen, Germany-Unpacking Russian bibles for Ukraine Ministry

Regen, Germany-Area farmland view

Regen, Germany-Old farmhouse

Budejovice, Czech Republic-Our rented van filled with tracts and bibles

Budejovice, Czech Republic-The joys of tract evangelism

Jindrichuv Hradec-Small filled church and 6 received salvation

Prague (captial) Czech Republic-Very attentive audience listening to Jim and Dave share their testimonies

Prague, Czech Republic-partial US Team: Fred, Vaclav Czech Ministry Organizer, Dave, Rick. Jim took the photo.

Trebor, Czech Republic-Acres of tulips

Trebor, Czech Republic-Apple blossoms along the highway south of prague

Prague, Czech Republic-Meeting room in the new government offices

Prague, Czech Republic-Our team meets with the new Deputy of Minister of Education

Prague, Czech Republic-Rick shares his testimony in a large full church

Same church-Newspaper article about our missions trip

Kromerice, Czech Republic-Farmers Market

Bratislava (capital of Republic of Slovakia)-City skyline

Bratislava-Republic of Slovakia-Border Crossing into Austria

Vienna (capital of Austria)-The world-famous Blue Danube River

Vienna-Electric commuter train

Vienna, Austria from mountain oveerlook

Vienna, Austria-The peace and tranquility of a vineyard outside the city