2016-India Missions Trip via London, Hyderabad, Bangalore South India-Rick Blaisdell

New Edition Published


London-Heathrow Airport-British Airways Terminal 5

Jill waiting for me to sign her copy of One Life to Give

Three-hour layover wonderfully spent at the COSTA Cafe with Ian and Jill

And here they come bearing tea and sweet goodies-oh yummie!

Signing Jill's book

Such a happy face-and a super Sister in the Lord

Early morning arrival at the Hyderabad Airport

Hindu Festival-Ganesha-God of Beginnings

A very rainy morning

City building-new construction-very shaky scaffolding

View from my hotel room

A well-kept 3-wheeler for village ministry

Outdoor Crusade

Praising Jesus

Just finished speaking at this small church and prayed for the needs of the people. With my host on the far right-Her husband took the photo

Historical Golconda Fort

Goats galore

Departing Hyderabad for the one-hour flight south to Bangalore

Bangalore (Bengaluru) International Airport

You're going the wrong way

Acres of rice

Honeycomb Ministries 25-year celebration

Many people-small room

A big part of the reason I keep going to this remote place and its surrounding rural villages

Teaching on the importance of Faithfulness and Integrity in ministry-along with my translator

Two hearts knit together for the furtherance of the gospel

The joy of the Lord is my strength

The last time I'll see this old tree before departure to the US via London. I'm amazed it's still standing after all these years

Mt. Ararat-Noah's Ark is in that snow and ice

The English Channel flowing into the North Sea-we are approaching the southeast coast of England and Heathrow is about 15 minutes away

Outskirts of London as my flight just took off from Heathrow and now enroute to Boston

Logan Airport, Boston at last after 18 hours of flying through 9 1/2 time zones all in 1 day