2011, 2013-Missions Trips to Bangalore South India-Rick Blaisdell

Boston -Frankfurt-Bangalore South India

Leaving Tom's house for Logan Airport. Such a joy Dave came along for the ride

Hot wheels for the rough country

My new window-no more skeeters

The little ones love to be prayed for

She snatched my anointed hat!

Praying for a mom whose 15-year-old daughter died from a fever

Teaching the children how to pray for others-they learn very quickly

Daybreak-a long ago promise to take me into the Nilgiri Mountains-hunting & farming villages

On the journey to the mountains-see them in the background beyond the temple

Onward and soon upward-the clouds are lifting PTL

We are far above the valley villages below from where we started

Noticeably cooler and refreshing

Higher still and not far from the summit pass

Wisdom says, yield to the bus

The summit with its magnificant view

Couldn't resist a new Profile Photo for my Facebook Page

One more as we leave the summit

Playtime is over and back to work

Superman came to church today

God's mercy and compassion for this dear widow

Kids I've known since they were born

Back in noisy Bangalore after 10 days in the rural villages

One trip ends (2011) and a new one (2013) begins

My hand-written journals-1991-2011-15 Missions Trips so far.

Journals published

2013-Back into the Nilgiris

High-range farmland and villages

Such a beautiful place and much cooler

The prized village

Praying for the blind to see

He asked for prayer for a job and not a new foot

Her foot stomped by a wild elephant in the family garden

Concerned mom with a sick child

Praying God's anointing on this cup of water to repel elephants from destroying the garden crops

It's getting late and I'm getting sleepy; please go home

Chilly mountain rain and muddy roads

Looking for Jr.

The promise of another journey fulfilled

Back in Bangalore contemplating all I've seen and experienced-almost overwhelming