2009-2010-Missions Trips to Bangalore South India via London-Rick Blaisdell and Tom Travers

Flight Track-NYC to London to Bangalore South India

Tom-JFK Boarding Gate Area

Rick-JFK Boarding Gate Area

Praying with kiddies at Nirikshea School in Bangalore

Precious little ones

Welcome to India, Sir Thomas

Teaching the Bible School class

Bible School students

Photo speaks for itself

She loves me; her granddaughter was healed of boils all over her body

Our neighbors across the road

Sitting on the dirt road to hear our testimonies

Our little friend

Setting the cornerstone

Before the wedding

Nice veranda for tea before returning to the U.S.

Sunday morning sendoff/prayer at Renewed Life

Our beloveds in London meet us at Heathrow for early morning goodies (after all-night flight from JFK)

Critter and Critter back in South India to walk on the Blessed Land

Banana Trees-a bountiful crop of fruit

Sugar Cane-stalks taller than we are

Critter Commando for Christ

The other Critter

Blessing the widow's anointing oil for healing

So many needs

A gentle touch-the Holy Spirit goes to work

Even the young want prayer

It's really hot today!

Smokin' hot curry chicken-makes our arms sweat!

Multitudes in every house for prayer-it never stops

It's been another great journey, and the time passed so quickly

Back from the rural Hills villages

City lights-our last night in South India