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A Testimony of Baptism

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A TESTIMONY OF BAPTISM While I was under the water yesterday (Fri. Sept. 25, 2009), I truly felt all of my past, my hurts, my struggles, and all of the enemies of my spirit “lift off of me” and when I came up from the water, I knew they remained in the water and I was free of them. I felt so much lighter inside when I came up from the water and more peaceful than I ever remember feeling before. I knew that I had met The King because I was so overcome by His Presence. My life took on a whole new meaning and purpose yesterday; I came out of that water wanting nothing more than to love, live for, and serve my Father and King. I gave all of me and received all of Him. That has been on my heart constantly since yesterday. My desire to live in His Will and bring those still hurting as I was to Him is burning like a fire inside of me! I want to tell everyone how great and loving and powerful my Father is- I long to see others have the victory I have. My life is no longer about me because my life now is ALL about Him! His Spirit descended upon me like an eagle. His Spirit freed my soul and gave me a new life. I “died” yesterday, but yet I live- Galatians 2:20. Hallelujah. In one day, my desires, my needs, my wants all became the same- all that I desire is more of my Father (to get close to Him by getting to know His heart). All I need is all I want- to spend every waking minute in communion fellowship with Him. My deepest desire is to love Him with all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my body, all of my soul, and to love others as he has loved me. That is my deepest and greatest desire. I want to love as He loved because it was His love that set me free; the love He showed when He died so you and I could live. I want so much to live my life as a witness and testimony to His love, His grace, and His power and I am going to make this my purpose for each new day. I look forward to all that God is going to do every day for the rest of my life before I get to go home to Him. I know my Father loves me and that He is proud of the daughter He created. Michelle, (Daughter of the King)

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