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Renewed Life Philippine Mission had itís beginning shortly after my wife lost an eight year battle with cancer. It was during January 2002 in the middle of the night when God called me to go and help the needy in the Island of Mindanao Philippines. I struggled with that request mostly because I never had any desire to go there; also, there were other places that I would rather have gone.
Obedience to the call of GOD is often difficult especially when it means leaving your Comfort Zone, and going to the Philippines was not what I would call comfortable. I struggled with the thought of going until I surrendered and said yes I will go, and then a peace came upon me. As an EMT-I medic, I would be able to help not only with the medical needs but with biblical needs as well.
After my flight of 30 plus hours, I arrived at my destination and met my contact person. When I set my foot on the tarmac at this small airport I was greeted with a sudden burst of wind that was so hot that I was stopped in my tracts, and thought ďOh GOD did you really send me hereĒ I received no answer. Soon I was in the mountains physically weak from the patient care I gave my wife and now the humidity, but after seeing the suffering that others were going through I felt guilty because my suffering was only temporary. My contact there was much younger and stronger then me and Iím sure I slowed him down but he didnít complain. I could not believe the sickness that was all around me. Children with fever, dehydration then death. Mothers were hemorrhaging and loosing their babies and their lives because they could not afford the life saving blood. Malnutrition affected many young and old leading to sickness and death. Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, did not have the equipment and supplies to give better patient care. A decision had to be made, to stay home and pray that things would get better or leave my Comfort Zone and return again. What would you do? That decision was made nine years ago and it was to continue. Our Ministry is looking for gynecologists, anesthesiologists and ophthalmologists who would be willing to join us in our mission trips. We are also seeking financial support to continue to gather and deliver greatly needed medical supplies and equipment to help the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.


I graduated, and did my OB-GYN training at the Georgetown University Medical School. After spending more than 30 years in the practice of OB-GYN and involved in teaching medical students and Residents at Georgetown, the Lord asked me to give all this up and move practice medicine in Springfield, Vermont. I met Bill Farace and learned about his ministry to the Philippines at the Renewed Life in Jesus in Chester, VT. My first trip was in March 2008 to Dipolog City in the northern part of the island of Mindanao, Philippines. I have since, on a yearly basis, gone back to the Philippines. I have performed more than 200 mayor gynecological surgical procedures at the Provincial Medical Center of Zamboanga del Norte.
The surgical sutures, gloves, medications and surgical instruments have been provided by the Springfield Hospital in Springfield, VT. I have been blessed by excellent clinical outcomes and the unconditional help and support of the Filipino Doctors, Nurses, Hospital staff and the Provincial Government.


Ken and Laurie O'Connor are the Praise Team leaders at Renewed Life in Jesus, having been invited to lead worship while they were also co- Pastors of a home church, New Covenant Life Ministry (NCLM). The O 'Connors were ordained in early 2005 under the auspices of IAM (International Apostolic Ministries) and started their home ministry in May of 2005 until the fall of 2008.
After a lot of prayer the decision was made to shut down the home church and join Renewed Life full time.
This ministry of music is the fulfillment of a vision given to Laurie several years before she and Ken met --that the Lord would send someone to her and they would be in a music ministry together.
They believe that their marriage, as well as their ministry, were ordained by God, and it's only with His guidance that they will be a testimony to others.


Rick was born in New Hampshire and moved to Vermont at the age of 6 months, and has been a lifetime Vermont resident for most of his life. After graduating from high school in June 1964, he enlisted in the US Air Force, serving in Texas, Georgia, and Germany. He was honorably discharged in 1968 and served two more years in the Air Force Reserves. In brief, his life after the military took a turn toward playing in several rock bands, (he was a drummer), drugs, and alcohol. This lifestyle continued for another 13 years until God supernaturally intervened in Rickís life. In the Preface of his recently published book One Life to Give, Rick shares in more depth of his life with the intent of showing the reader how powerfully God can and will change a personís life if he or she is willing.
Rick was saved on March 21st, 1983 and instantly delivered from 13 years of drug and alcohol addictions through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Rickís own words, ďIt was also the same gospel that forgave me of all my sins through the Blood of Jesus, and all bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness in my heart left immediately as well. Right after my salvation experience, I had, and still do, have a fire of desire to see others saved and set free by the same gospel which saved me.Ē
Rick and his wife Faith are the co-founders of Renewed Life In Jesus Church which was established in 1986 in Rockingham, Vermont. He was ordained into the ministry on November 18th 1990 and served as the co-pastor until April 1998. He became the senior pastor then and still serves today in that capacity. His heart's desire is to see people from all walks of life, with all kinds of problems and issues, sicknesses and diseases brought willingly to the Cross of Christ for healing, deliverance and restoration. Through Renewed Life In Jesus Church, Rick is and always has been very much involved with supporting missionaries and sending missionaries nearly every year since 1991 (including himself) into foreign countries including Eastern Europe, Kenya Africa, the Philippines, and India.


Called by God into the Ministry of Evangelism and ordained on April 15, 2012 at Renewed Life in Jesus Church. We are delighted to have Tom & Carol as part of our ministry staff through their evangelism outreach labor of love through the Power Station and the Jesus is Lord Tours. Tom has also served with me on two missions trips to South India (2009 and 2010), bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting peoples of remote mountain villages nestled in the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains, Tamil Nadu. (Pastor Rick)
In October 2014, Tom was sent to minister in the metro London, England for two weeks.

The following are Tom's own words:

Us?, about us?

It's not about us,

It's all about God, His grace, his Mercy, His Love for us.

After I wrecked havoc in my life and the lives around me I thought
and believed that I was alone, alone in the dark, alone in the sea of

I cried out to Jesus, from my heart......and He was there, and has
always been. He was waiting for me to accept Him, for he has
already accepted us.

Eleven years ago February, I stood on the roof of the Power Station
during an ice storm. In my mind I was hoping, that maybe, I would
slip and that, well that would take care of all my problems. I was
separated from my wife and family, I was involved with another
woman , whom I loved as much as my wife.

I cried out to God, Please help me, I am so confused and lost. I
need your help, I can't make up my mind about my girlfriend or my
wife. I don't know what to do.

He answered immediately, almost as soon as I finished asking for
help. He said, "Take your wife to church."
I had hoped he would say, take your girlfriend to church.

Well that was impossible, for the previous day. I really hurt Carol
and she told me "never, ever contact her again.
We were about to sign off on the divorce.

I knew she wouldn't answer the phone, nor would she go
anywhere with me. When you are in a relationship with someone
for a long time, you just know how the other person is going to

I was wrong, she answered. With my voice cracking, and crying, I
asked Carol to go to church with me. She was crying as well, we
really did Love each other. She asked me why I am asking her to
go, I told her that God had just told me to ask you, but, I knew you
would say no.

We attended church, Renewed Life in Jesus, in Chester, Vermont.
The Holy Spirit moved Pastor Rick to speak about Forgiveness and
Love. Boy does God have a timely message when you ask for help.

The blessings that God has bestowed upon Carol and I and our
family are unbelievable. For those who join us during Praise and
Worship, see what has happened .

No matter what we face in life, we may think there is no hope, no
forgiveness, no way...And your enemy, the devil, will taunt you into
believing there is no hope, no forgiveness.

God is there for us, he listens to our heart. Believe.

We encourage you to share what God has done in your
life. There is someone that needs to know, through you
God is alive, and is alive for them.


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